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This symbol is a QR or a "quick read" code.  It is basically a barcode for a person instead of a product.   It can represent a URL (web address) a vCARD (virtual business card) or many other things.

If you've seen me out in the clubs, you've probably noticed that I use these symbols to make it simple for you to find me on Facebook, to find my website or to enter my business card information into your address book.

This technology requires a QR reader application on your cell phone.  Then, using your phone's camera, you take a "picture" of the symbol and it can either give you my virtual business card, send you to my Facebook page or to my website.  This works on an iPhone, an Android phone or a Blackberry.

Over time you will see this technology appear in more places, helping you navigate the internet to get the information you want without having to remember a vague URL or phone number.

What is this symbol?